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G308 A multi-strategy approach to improving the management of neonatal sepsis in a low resource setting
  1. M Arsanious,
  2. F Burnett,
  3. S Macharia
  1. Paediatrics, Kiambu District General Hospital, Kiambu, Kenya


1 million neonatal deaths occur annually due to neonatal sepsis, mainly in low-income countries. Low-resource settings present a challenging environment for prompt identification and appropriate management of this condition.

Aim To audit the management of neonatal sepsis and to introduce measures to improve its identification and management in a low resource-setting, both among hospital staff and in the wider community.

Method A multi-cycle audit was conducted with performance measured against ETAT+ guidelines. Neonatal sepsis admissions were audited on 3 occasions; pre-intervention, at 3 months and 6 months, with multiple interventions continuing throughout this tim

Interventions included:

  • Hospital wide teaching to all cadre staff based on ETAT+ principles.

  • Outreach teaching to referring centres

  • Delivery of a daily standardised health talk and the provision of parental leaflet to post-natal mothers.

  • Demonstration of health promotion videos

  • Posters displayed in hospital and community dispensaries.

  • Local staff engaged and motivated by clinical feedback and presentation of audit results.

Results 126 patients were audited. Results demonstrate sustained improvement in important parameters

Abstract G308 Table 1

Conclusion A multi-strategy approach is successful in showing a sustained improvement to the management of neonatal sepsis in a low resource setting

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