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G256(P) Introduction of Regional Paediatric Early Warning Scores Chart
  1. R McDonald1,3,
  2. J Courtney1,
  3. P Forrest2,
  4. J Hughes3,
  5. L Browne4,
  6. A Robinson5,
  7. M Bryson6,
  8. G Lavery7,
  9. L Lamb7
  1. 1Neonatal Unit, Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital, Belfast, UK
  2. 2General Paediatrics, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast, UK
  3. 3General Paediatrics, Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Antrim, UK
  4. 4General Paediatrics, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Dundonald, UK
  5. 5General Paediatrics, Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Craigavon/Newry, UK
  6. 6General Paediatrics, Western Health and Social Care Trust, Enniskillen/Londonderry, UK
  7. 7HSC Safety Forum, Public Health Agency, Lisburn, UK


Aims To create a standardised Regional Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) chart for use in all paediatric departments to facilitate early recognition of a deteriorating child and enable early intervention. Following introduction, a regional monthly audit was planned to ensure correct utilisation, enable review, comments and amendments.

Abstract G256(P) Table 1

Methods A collaborative approach through the regional Safety Forum was utilised. Representatives from 5 Trusts reviewed a range of available PEWS guidelines and charts and developed 4 standardised age based charts. The charts were introduced into all paediatric departments in the region from November 2015. The use of the PEWS chart was then audited monthly examining 15 parameters to ensure the charts were being completed correctly with appropriate escalation for raised scores. Staff were also asked for their feedback.

Results The PEWS charts were used in 100% of paediatric departments in the region.

Limitations in this audit were that not all departments completed the audit tool every month and there was discrepancy between each of the departments in how they completed certain parameters.

Conclusions A Regional Paediatric Collaborative was successfully utilised to develop, agree, implement and embed a standardised PEWS chart for the region. This chart is now utilised by all paediatric staff throughout the region. Compliance has gradually improved and increased scores were acted on and appropriately escalated in >80% of cases. The long-term aim is that 100% compliance would be achieved in each parameter.

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