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G182(P) The big question: Is documentation of X-rays in the Paediatric department up to standard?
  1. K Oyedokun,
  2. S Chakrabarti,
  3. D Padi
  1. Ormskirk and District General Hospital, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Ormskirk, UK


Background Proper documentation in medical record is an essential component of quality care and a legal requirement for all medical practitioners1. This audit was designed following learning from a case of missed non-accidental injury in which documentation of X-ray review fall short of the standard set by Royal College of Radiologist (RCR)2.

Aim To determine if documentation of X-ray review in the paediatric department is up to the required standard.

Methods We audited two months’ period of activities in Paediatrics department against 3 RCR2 standards (see Table 1). A specially designed form was used to collect data from the electronic medical records and radiology system of all in-patients who had plain X-ray between July and August 2015.

Results Forty-nine patients’ medical notes were reviewed.

One in 5 of x-ray had no documentation of review in medical notes. One in 5 of X-ray requested from neonatal unit and 3 in 10 of those requested from the children ward have no documentation of review.

Out of the 39 patients who had documentation of their X-ray review, 51% had first review within 4 h and 62% within 24 h of imaging. The time of documentation was not specified in about a third (31%) of the sample.

Forty-seven percent had their final report 2–4 weeks after imaging but 4% did not have a formal report of their X-rays.

Abstract G182(P) Table 1

2 month audited activities in Paediatrics department against 3 RCR2 standards

Conclusion Failure to document X-ray review in 20% of the sample fall short of standard. The average time lag of 2–4 weeks between imaging and radiologist report makes documentation of X-ray review more paramount. Also important is accurate documentation of time of X-ray review including name and status of reviewer.

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