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G71(P) Providing parents and children with a personalised action plan increases the chance of keeping an Adrenaline Autoinjector with the child
  1. W Muller1,2
  1. 1Paediatrics, London North West Healthcare Trust, London, UK
  2. 2Paediatrics, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London, UK


Aim The first aim of the study was to quantify how many parents of children who have been prescribed an Adrenaline Autoinjector [AAI] bring the device with the child to a clinic appointment. The second aim was to determine whether a Personalised Action Plan [PAP] increases the chance that a parent keeps the AAI with the child.

Methods All children attending an outpatient clinic were screened whether they had been prescribed an AAI, whether it was brought and in date and whether they had been provided with a PAP in the past.

Results 51 consecutive children with an AAI were identified in 2015. The age range was from 1 to 17 years with a median of 7 years. 34 were boys and 17 were girls. 29 (57%) parents brought the AAI with their child. 1 (2%) of the AAI in clinic was out of date. 34 (67%) parents remembered they had been provided with a PAP in the past. 70% of the parents with a PAP brought the AAI to clinic whereas only 30% of parents without a PAP (p = 0.007).

Discussion Not all parents do always keep emergency medication with their children. In this study less than 60% of parents brought the AAI with their child. Parents and children who had been given a PAP are significantly more likely to keep the AAI with the child. It was noted that the percentage of children with AAI increased during the study period as parents were provided with a PAP following each consultation.

Conclusion Personalised Action Plans are an essential part in the management of chronic conditions. They play an important role in increasing the chance that parents keep the AAI with their children at all times.

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