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G608 Using social media for professional development in child health
  1. D Clarke
  1. School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK


There is a growing interest in the use of social media for professional development.1 With the introduction of revalidation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council and similar processes by other regulators, the importance of professional development has never been higher. Recently there have been some high profile examples of how social media has made a difference to healthcare practice:#mynameis is perhaps the most widely known. There are many forms of social media and this seminar-style presentation aims to:

  • Introduce the audience to the range of social media available

  • Contextualise the use of social media in child health

  • Explore examples of how social media is being used in child health

  • Explore examples of how child health professionals are using social media to contribute to professional development

  • Explore how social media is being used to promote current issues in child health

  • Advise on the safe professional use of social media


  1. Moorley, C. Chinn, T. Using social media for continuous professional development. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2014;71(4):713–717

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