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G203(P) Trailblazers: Nurturing the new generation of leaders and managers
  1. A Sepahzad,
  2. B Klaber
  1. Paediatrics, St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK


Aims The potential benefits to the individual and in workforce planning, of early exposure to leadership and management training, has been demonstrated both in the healthcare profession and in other professions. Our main aims were to encourage the development of key skills in leadership and management at the start of Paediatric training for specialist trainees in our region and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas.

Methods We developed a bi-annual leadership and management programme for ST1 Paediatric trainees. Trainees learning needs, collated from local Trust representative meetings, were used to design the first ‘Trailblazers’ half-day session. ‘Trailblazers’, launched in October at a central location allowing ease of access.

A pre-session questionnaire explored prior knowledge and experience of leadership and management. The three-hour afternoon session, facilitated by an experienced medical leader, explored definitions of leadership, change in the NHS, patient experience and Myers Briggs. Attendees set personal goals on applying ideas in the workplace. A post-event survey captured feedback on topics for future sessions. This method allowed design of a second session, tailored to trainees needs. This will take place in May, allowing time for reflection and implementation of theory learnt.

Results All 17 trainees present (from 13 different hospitals) completed the pre-session questionnaire. 71% had no prior exposure to leadership training. On a five point likert scale, exploring relevance of leadership and management training at ST1 level, 76% scored 4 or 5 (5=very relevant). The post-session questionnaire surveyed 21 trainees. On assessing applicability, 100% agreed the session was useful for their clinical practice and relevant at ST1 level. Most interestingly after a single session, perceived understanding of leadership and management increased, with 81% of trainees rating their understanding as above average to excellent, compared to only 12% pre-session. 100% of trainees would attend a further session.

Conclusions We successfully introduced a regional training initiative in leadership and management for ST1 Paediatric trainees, cultivating interest and enthusiasm. Our results demonstrate value and applicability of these skills to the most junior specialist trainees. Favouring sustainability, all trainees were motivated to attend future sessions. We hope to open the sessions to all Level 1 trainees and share learning across specialties.

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