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G104(P) Resuscitation experience of professionals at a district general hospital (dgh)
  1. S Saeed,
  2. M Joishy
  1. Paediatric Department, Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital, Bangor, UK


Introduction The caseload of critically ill patients at a DGH is usually smaller compared to tertiary hospitals. There are some concerns that modern centralisation of services may deskill clinicians at DGHs. Technology Enhanced Learning has an important role to play in improving training. We aimed to analyse professionals’ experience, their role and confidence in performing resuscitation and also their opinion about simulation training.

Method We conducted a survey at Ysbyty Gwynedd to determine experience of medical and nursing colleagues in managing critically ill children and neonates over last 6 months. A questionnaire asking various aspects of resuscitation was sent out to nursing colleagues and paediatric doctors working at all levels. Of the 50 distributed questionnaires, 40 were completed and returned to us.

Results While only 30% had exposure to resuscitation more than twice over preceding 6 months period, approximately 35% had once or no experience. Those who had exposure more than twice felt confident in performing resuscitation. While only 10% were involved in full cardiopulmonary resuscitation, about 30% were involved in airway and breathing and another 20% in circulation. Over 90% stated that they would like to have regular simulation training at least monthly as they felt it will help in coping with actual resuscitation.

Conclusion There is limited data available in literature to determine frequency of managing critically ill children at individual level. This study shows that most health professionals have limited exposure to resuscitation situations at a DGH and nearly all paediatric staff wishes to receive regular simulation training.

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